Effort for Change

– From Ron Stoddart – 

Dear Colleagues,

With less than 2 weeks remaining before the end of Fiscal Year 2020, we can anticipate another decline in intercountry adoptions.

Although Covid-19 can be blamed for some of the decline, it is clear that the lack of a positive approach to intercountry adoption by OCI continues to suppress the opportunities for thousands of orphans to have permanent families.

The results of the recent Save Adoptions survey of ASPs increase our cause for concern.

Of the 117 accredited ASPs surveyed, 67 responded (57%). The responses are revealing:

Survey Results


NOT Satisfied with Collaboration between DOS and ASPs

87% of the respondents replied “NO” to the question “Are you satisfied with the level of collaboration between the Department of State and accredited adoption agencies/persons?”


NOT Satisfied with Fairness of IAAME

96% of the respondents replied “NO” to the question “Are you satisfied with the overall competency and fairness of IAAME’s accreditation and oversight activities?”

Average Level of Optimism for Future

Data measuring optimism level of adoption.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the average level of optimism about the future of intercountry adoptions was 2.6 

– IAAME’s Response? Adding More Regulations –

IAAME’s pending implementation of changes to the substantial compliance system continues to put the focus on “enforcement” of ever-changing interpretations of the regulations.   An increasing number of categories are being re-categorized as “critical”, necessitating “full” compliance rather than “substantial” compliance.   Is this needed because of the recent resurfacing of the 3-year-old trafficking allegations?  OCI celebrates new countries signing onto the Hague Treaty, even though they then withhold approval to work with countries whose child welfare systems are not as sophisticated as those in the United States.  In this context, sophisticated means the weight of regulations and bureaucracy further diminishing hope for children without permanent homes.

Do you believe these changes are reducing the risk of orphans being trafficked?

What is Being Done? 

Senator Wicker Demands Change on Senate Floor!

What Can You Do? 

– Contact Your Senator – 

Please contact your Senators’ offices TODAY and ask for their staff person who handles adoption issues.

Ask them to please contact Brett Richards in Senator Wicker’s office and join their efforts to find a solution to the spiraling decline in intercountry adoptions.

Brett’s e-mail is Brett_Richards@wicker.senate.gov

– Spread The Word – 

Send an appeal to your e-mail list of clients and supporters asking them to contact their Senators with the same appeal.

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