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Intercountry adoptions have declined by 87% in the past 15 years while the number of orphans in the world has increased to over 140 million. Learn more about this crisis and how you can help!

Save Adoptions is a coalition of adoptive parents, agencies, professionals, and attorneys who advocate for ethical intercountry adoptions and push back against overreaching and oppressive government policies and regulations which deprive orphans of permanent, safe and loving homes.

New: July 27, 2021 – NCFA Post Adoption Survey

Our friends at NCFA invite you to participate in a national survey of adoptive parents. You can participate regardless of how long ago you adopted or your type of adoption.

This research is intended to fill some critical gaps in adoption data that will strengthen the work of policymakers.  Another effort lead by NCFA is contacting your elected representatives.  NCFA has made it very easy to Contact Your Senator!

how to adopt a child from another country
Special needs orphan.


Decline in Adoptions Since 2004

Adoption statistics showing a sharp decrease in internationally adopted children.

MILLION Orphans in World

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