Understanding Our Mission

                Save Adoptions is a coalition of adoptive parents, agencies, professionals, and attorneys who advocate for ethical intercountry adoptions and push back against overreaching and oppressive government policies and regulations which deprive orphans of permanent, safe and loving homes. 

children who were adopted because of Save Adoption

We Believe in the Goals of Save Adoption:

Every child deserves a safe, loving, permanent family.

For children without parents due to death, abandonment or termination of rights, adoption should be readily available in their own country or, if not possible within their own country in a reasonable period of time, through intercountry adoption.

Adoption should be available for every eligible child with as few obstacles as possible, through a transparent, ethical and honest adoption system.

The government’s role in intercountry adoption should be to support the human rights of a child to a permanent family and to encourage other countries to develop adoption systems that are transparent, ethical and honest and protect the rights of a child.

Institutionalization of children should be a last resort for children for whom a permanent family is not available.

MILLION Orphans in World