8 Senators Write to DOS

8 Senators Write Letter to the Department of State Demanding Change

8 US Senators, including:

Roy Blunt

Amy Klobuchar

Richard Burr

Chris Van Hollen

James Lankford

Roger Wicker

James M. Inhofe

Michael S. Lee

Wrote a letter to the Assistant Secretary, Carl Risch, at the Office of Children’s Issues (OCI) with the “aim of improving intercountry adoptions”.    The Senators demand improvements about IAAME’s fee schedule and the proposed changes to the Substantial Compliance System.

The Senators say that the Department should “recommit to one of the purposes of the Intercountry Adoption Act, “to improve the ability of the Federal Government to Assist” families seeking to adopt” especially with the search for a new Accrediting Entitiy.

This entire letter is linked below.  Please read it.  Then call your Senator and ask them to join this effort and sign this letter! 

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Senators demand change for international adoption

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