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We are called for such a time as this and we won't give up until every child has the opportunity to be loved and cared for in a forever family.

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It's been said that it "takes a village" and we couldn't have the same impact without the hundreds of partners that have joined the Save Adoptions movement.

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See the latest about the crisis in intercountry adoption here.

With a seemingly infinite number of orphaned children the world, and a seemingly infinite number of familieswilling to adopt them, the only thing that limits adoptions is policy. Adoptions rise and fall on the policy of the United States and other countries who cooperate.

There are at least 168,000,000 orphaned children in the world, and the best way to respond to their crisis is to place them in permanent, loving families. But international adoptions have declined by 75% since 2004. Why? Because our nationís current adoption policy is not geared toward increasing adoptions. This is a shame because ADOPTION PREVENTS TRAFFICKING. ​

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