Articles, Links & Resources

  • "Harder to Bring them Home" article in Daily Journal
  • See Letter to the Department of State and list of supporting agencies and organizations. | DOWNLOAD (PDF)
  • See the letter from 80 agencies and organizations to Assistant Secretary of State Carl Risch asking for change in policy. | DOWNLOAD (PDF)
  • Read the Announcement of the State Department’s Notice of the withdrawal of the proposed regulations | LINK
  • Harvard Law Scholar – Elizabeth Bartholet’s arguments that unparented children have a human right to international adoptions | DOWNLOAD (PDF)
  • Read Trish Maskew’s 2008 “The Failed Promise” to see why she proposed these new rules to cut down intercountry adoption. | DOWNLOAD (PDF)
  • Read Trish Maskew’s testimony before congress where she says corruption in adoption is the rule, not the exception, therefore it needs to be practically shut down. | DOWNLOAD (PDF)